New Connectors + Templates, Performance Upgrade, Speedy logs + Backups

Building integrations on just got faster

Performance Enhancements

A big update to the workflow engine has been released recently. This release is a big upgrade to help support workflow loops that contain very large data sets. Workflows deployed since this release will execute quicker, alongside a speed improvement to log listings.

Workflow Editor + Backup

We continually work on the editing experience within, our latest improvements on the builder and workflow graph make it impossible to break the structure (especially for those of you creating workflows of 200+ steps).

Another exciting release is a heavily requested feature - workflow backup. It is now possible for us to recover the graph at any former state, currently you'll need to request recovery via our support channels as we work on implementing this in the UI.

New Connectors

alt Mustache - Simple string templating language.

alt - A platform for sending targeted messages.

alt Quickbooks - Online account for small businesses.

alt Catchpoint - Web performance monitoring as a service.

alt Unbounce - Build, Publish and A/B Test Landing Pages.

alt Google BigQuery - A fast, economical and fully managed data warehouse for large-scale data analytics.

alt Marketo - Best in class Marketing Automation Software.

alt PersistIQ - The all-in-one outbound sales platform.

alt Shopify - E-commerce software.

alt Google Calendar.

alt HTTP Client - (update) connector now supports OAuth authentication.


alt Enrich all Segment users with Clearbit Data - get this.

alt Get started with the Data Storage Connector - get this.