Announcing private beta

posted on Feb 14 2014 at 12:26 PM

We are pleased to announce the private beta of, our platform for streamlining the way people create rich internet applications. Logo


In a world being eaten by software, it baffles us that building useful web sites and applications can be very long winded. Often the tooling provided for development is not easily accessible to everyone.

Our goal with is to unite the different stages of development into a complete package that is useful for everyone, from the most hardened programmer to the code-shy novices.

Imagine a world where every line of code a developer writes is easily accessible to everyone. A place where using this code is frictionless, even for those who don't even know how to program.

It's an ambitious vision, but one we are fully commited to.


The first thing we have done is create our own framework, 'subvert'.

There are many fantastic frameworks already available that we tried using, however, supporting our vision required a rethink. We have made sure the best features of the other frameworks are part of our solid foundation.

Subvert Goal

Firstly, subvert is polyglot, which allows you to write code in a variety of different programming languages all within one application.

Secondly, subvert is event driven and modular. We are making it as easy as possible to create small reusable modules (in any language don't forget) that encapsulate specific pieces of functionality and can easily communicate with each other.

So what does this actually mean to me though?

Well, as a developer this means that you can build things in your favourite language whilst benefiting from a community of pluggable modules. Gone are the days of worrying whether that library you just found is available as a Ruby gem or whether the official Twitter SDK has been ported to Java.

For those less technically inclined, building applications is a matter of pulling together the combination of modules that suit your need. It's like building something with Lego blocks.

Better Tooling

Building a flashy new framework is all very well, but it isn't a complete solution. The second part to our vision is the tooling.

We want to make it as easy as possible to use subvert. Whether it's to create a personal blog, wrap your companies API in a module or even bring together several components into a fully functioning app, it should be frictionless.

If subvert is the framework, then the tooling that builds upon the foundations subvert has laid down by aiming to support the following:

  • Simple to get going, no environment setup needed
  • Develop from anywhere on any device
  • Create projects from a variety of community provided templates
  • Collaborate on whole projects or individual lines of code with other people
  • Share functionality with individuals, within a team or the whole community
  • Find and one-click install modules written by other developers in any supported language
  • View inline documentation, usable code snippets all without leaving your coding environment
  • Simple visual interfaces for common tasks, such as module/project configuration and creating web endpoints
  • One-click push applications to production or modules into the community

The platform includes a web based development environment, a native application and an active community that together completes the picture.

Still With Us?

Now this is by no means a finished product or vision, but we are starting to open up to the world to get the valuable feedback required to make what we are doing useful.

We will go into more details in forthcoming posts, including showing some concrete examples of building real things.. but to give you a quick glimpse, this blog post was written using a collection of modules built using the tray platform...

Tray Blog Sneak Peak

Please join the private beta below, we've had a overwhelming reaction thus far, and would love to hear from you all - send us a message.

PS if you wondered what happened to our initial product iteration, we'll be blogging about it soon - it's been a wild ride.

Join The Beta

Currently is in private beta, but if you would like to get an early sneak peek and help us test the product, then signup with your email address below!